Mainers for Health Care

Mainers for Health Care


The Mainers for Health Care ballot measure will expand access to Medicaid to people who make less than $16,500 a year. This will bring health coverage to more than 70,000 people who struggle to make ends meet. It protects our state’s most vulnerable citizens – mothers and hardworking families often working two jobs trying to put food on the table.

Most adults covered by this Medicaid expansion are employed but don’t get insurance from their employer. With access to care, they’re more likely to stay working and not be forced onto food stamps to feed their families. But people with no insurance are more likely to go to an emergency room for costly care on the taxpayers’ dime.

Medicaid expansion will save money, create jobs, and increase access to health care.

The Benefits of Medicaid Expansion

  • Save Money: Maine taxpayers currently pay hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for unnecessary emergency room care and avoidable hospital costs for the uninsured. States that have expanded Medicaid have already seen these costs go down by 40%.

  • Create Jobs: This measure will help fund rural hospitals and community clinics, create thousands of new jobs for nurses, doctors, and health care workers and keep our state’s people healthy.

  • Increase access to care: No one should be forced to decide whether or not they can afford life-saving health care – like cancer treatment or diabetes medication. But, too many Mainers, especially mothers and hardworking families trying to put food on the table, are forced to make those decisions every day. This measure will create a fairer health care system.


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