2016 Election

Fair Wage Maine

All too often we hear from our patients that were it not for Planned Parenthood, women would have to decide between getting health care or paying their rent. Patient stories like, Ashley, a tipped worker, living paycheck to paycheck, came to us in July suffering from an allergic reaction to her birth control. She was scared, uninsured, worried she would miss work and not sure how she was going to afford treatment – the cost was almost double what she could afford. Thankfully we were here to help and provide her the care she needed, but the experience had a lasting impact on Ashley, who asked  “If I can’t even afford to pay for birth control, how am I going to be able to support a child?” 

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2016 Election Endorsements

Planned Parenthood’s political action committee in Maine is proud to endorse pro-women’s health candidates for the Maine Legislature this year. It is critical that Maine voters know where the candidates stand on women’s health issues and we are pleased to endorse leaders who share our belief that private medical decisions should be left to a woman, her family and her doctor – not a politician. The 128th Legislature will decide the direction of our state and determine whether we move forward or turn back the clock on issues important to the lives of Maine women and families.

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Medicaid Expansion Ballot Initiative 2016

Did you know that Maine is the only state in New England to refuse federal funds to increase access to health care – leaving tens of thousands of eligible Mainers without health insurance? In 2016, we helped collect more than 60,000 signatures in support of Medicaid expansion. The Medicaid Expansion ballot measure will increase access to health care for nearly 70,000 Mainers.

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