Medicaid Expansion Ballot Initiative 2016

img_1135Did you know that Maine is the only state in New England to refuse federal funds to increase access to health care – leaving tens of thousands of eligible Mainers without health insurance?

It’s time to take action.

Maine’s Legislature has passed Medicaid expansion 5 times, and Governor LePage has vetoed the bill every single time — leaving thousands of Mainers without the lifesaving care they desperately need.

We have no choice but to take the decision directly to the voters.

This election day, we are collecting signatures to place Medicaid Expansion on the ballot and we need your help! We aim to collect 60,000 signatures this fall and the upcoming presidential election provides us with a great opportunity to collect many, if not all of the signatures we need.

Take Action

Accepting federal funds would provide health coverage to 70,000 low-income Mainers.  Many workers are not offered employer-based coverage or cannot afford marketplace insurance. At PPNNE, we see how hard it can be for our patients struggling to make ends meet. We know what this coverage will mean and how it can save lives.

When Ellen, a patient at our Portland health center found herself uninsured, she was left with very few options. She’d just turned 26, lost coverage under her parents plan, and couldn’t afford insurance through the marketplace. She needed medical treatment and had no way to afford it. She did what many of us do, shopped around trying to find a provider she could afford. With quotes at $500 – treatment was well beyond her means. Ellen considered forgoing treatment until a friend referred her to us. Thanks to our sliding scale, we were able to treat her and she could afford the care.

While we were glad we were there for Ellen, we know that there are thousands of Mainers beyond our reach. Mainers should not have to rely on luck, where you live, or the hopes that a sickness will magically disappear.

Accepting federal funds to expand MaineCare coverage is a good deal for Maine. The federal government would pay a majority of the cost for those who would be eligible for MaineCare, bringing nearly $470 million in new federal funds to our state next year, creating more than 3,000 good paying jobs and saving $27 million in taxpayer dollars.

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