Affordable Health Insurance & Medicaid Expansion

Since 2014, Planned Parenthood has offered insurance counseling and enrollment in the Marketplace and MaineCare as a service for our patients. As the area’s largest reproductive and sexual health care provider, PPNNE proudly provides high-quality, affordable health care to more than 41,000 women, men, and teens each year, regardless of whether or not they have insurance. With forty percent of our patients paying for services out-of-pocket, in full or at a discounted rate, we understand that we were uniquely positioned to communicate about the Affordable Care Act, and connect more of our patients to insurance and other coverage options.

Accommodating our patients’ budgets and lifestyles is an essential part of our mission. Providing affordable, accessible care is a large part of improving the health of the communities we serve. The simple truth is that many of our patients would not have access to the health care system if we weren’t available to them. Connecting patients to essential health care coverage and advocating for expanded Medicaid benefits in the state of Maine are important components in making sexual health services more accessible and improving statewide health. 


  • Marketplace Outreach & Enrollment: Certified Application Counselors (CACs) offer free help with Marketplace and MaineCare enrollment in our four health centers in Maine. We don’t limit this service to just our patients–it is available to anyone walking through our doors seeking assistance.

  • MaineCare Limited Family Planning Health Benefit: For the past year we’ve been working closely with Department of Health and Human Services to roll out an important limited MaineCare benefit offering free sexual and reproductive health care to low come individuals. The Limited Family Planning Benefit covers birth control, annual exams, cancer screenings, STI testing and treatment, and other sexual and reproductive health care. This benefit is available for any individual making under $24,000 per year. This benefit offers relief for many of our patients who fall into a health coverage gap, and may not otherwise have access to care.


Getting covered has made a real difference in many of our patients’ lives. Individuals and families with insurance connect to critical care, they are more likely to get STI tested when needed, to take advantage of the ACA birth control benefit, which guarantees comprehensive coverage without a copay, and the peace of mind knowing that they won’t be denied coverage or charged more due to pre-existing conditions.

We are also excited to be able to offer our patients a second level of coverage with enrollments in the Limited Family Planning Benefit as well.

Based on income, family size and age, you may be eligible for tax credits to help cover the cost of health insurance coverage and we at PPNNE are here to help you decipher the options and find the option that works best for you. Contact a Certified Application Counselor for help at


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