Senate Move Risks Health Care for Millions

Care for 10,000 Maine Planned Parenthood patients in jeopardy

In response to the Senate vote to begin denying healthcare coverage to millions and blocking patient access to Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood Maine Action Fund issued the following statement:

Nicole Clegg, Vice President of Public Policy for the Planned Parenthood Maine Action Fund

All the various versions and iterations of the healthcare repeal bill have at least one thing in common: this is the worst piece of legislation for women in a lifetime. We are thankful Senator King and Senator Collins opposed the motion to proceed, the first step towards passing a bill denying health care to millions of Americans, including 10,000 Mainers who rely on Planned Parenthood for critical care like annual exams, cancer screenings, and birth control.

Every version of Trumpcare has been devastating to women and at every step of the process, Republican leaders have chipped away at women’s health and rights: blocking millions from accessing preventive care at Planned Parenthood, gutting Medicaid which nearly 1 in 3 Maine women of reproductive age rely on for care, including birth control and cancer screenings, and eliminating maternity coverage.

Since January, Planned Parenthood supporters have made more than 4,000 calls to members of Congress and attended more than 150 events in support of Planned Parenthood. Our leaders have listened; Senator King spoke on the Senate floor in support of Planned Parenthood and Senator Collins has stood up for Planned Parenthood in her caucus and in public, noting that “it makes absolutely no sense to eliminate federal funding for Planned Parenthood.” We agree and we will continue to fight with our Senators against this bill at every step of the process.


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